Hazardous Storage Containers for Rent

Many companies don’t think much about the drums of hazardous material sitting in the corner, simply because they’ve been sitting there for 10 or 15 years without incident, so they must be stored safely, right? In most situations, that’s really not the case, and it often takes something like a toxic leak or maybe even an explosion to get the attention of management, so that hazardous materials can be safely stored.
Even if the actual incidence of some kind of disaster is fairly low, when it does happen it can cost you a fortune in repairs, and possibly in human lives. There may also be OSHA penalties to deal with if regulations were not complied with.

Our Hazardous Material Storage Containers

Our hazardous storage containers are built out of high-quality, weathertight, time-proven, and durable ISO shipping containers. Built to provide lasting strength and durability, our hazardous material storage containers will keep your people, investments, and the environment safe for years to come.

Designed for storing smaller individual containers.

Perfect for first-in, first-out.

Made with storing pallets in mind.

Have a design in mind?

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Our family has been working together for over 20 years mainly serving the needs of our US Navy and supporting Shipyards within the San Diego area. We established our business in 1997 when…

Hazmat Containers

Wide Array of Chemical and Hazmat Storage Containers for Rent

Hazmat containers are lockers or small buildings which have been specially constructed to contain the risk presented…

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American Hazmat Rentals is constantly striving to outperform our competitors in the way of customer service and product quality. Our team has been building hazmat containers for over 15 years; constantly improving the functionality, layout, and looks. With the safety of our customers, and their product at the forefront of our goals, we have developed over 20 different versions of hazardous material storage containers; each time, we perfect our product. Now we have, what we believe to be, the best 4-hour rated and non-fire rated hazmat material container available for rent.