American Hazmat Rentals provides various corrosive chemical storage units that comply with regulatory guidelines and facilitate safe storage and handling. Find the best storage solution for your business based on its material type and other factors.

Corrosive chemicals damage living tissue and other substances it comes into contact with. Corrosive acids, oxidizers, and bases deteriorate material surfaces through chemical reactions. Damage can occur quickly or slowly, sometimes within minutes and sometimes within months.

Corrosive chemical storage requirements are extensive. These substances can emit harmful gas, chemically react with other materials, and even create a risk of fire or explosion under specific circumstances. A secure containment unit with adequate ventilation is essential for preventing injuries and environmental or property damage.

A passive or mechanical ventilation system optimizes airflow. Passive ventilation is best for chemicals that do not produce hazardous vapors. On the other hand, mechanical ventilation is ideal for storage buildings containing flammable or explosive fumes and hazardous vapors.

Our various layouts will improve functionality based on your requirements. We also build custom containers for unique needs. There are several options for you to peruse; for instance, our single-end-door units store smaller individual containers. On the other hand, double-end-door units feature a door at either end of the container, facilitating first-in, first-out material handling. The open-side container has four large doors that can open the unit’s entire side. Finally, the open-side container is the ideal layout if you load large, heavy items using a forklift.

Corrosives may also be flammable. We offer storage units rated for one, two, three, and four hours of fire protection. These structures’ walls, floors, and components maintain an acceptable temperature in the container for the designated time frame.

Your corrosive chemical storage container may also have a fire suppression system. You cannot always extinguish chemical fires with water, and some chemical flames are difficult to see. The Pyro Chem Monarch PCI-35ABC Dry Chemical Total Flooding Fire Suppression System meets NFPA standards for dry chemical extinguishing systems. The system suffocates flames with a dry chemical powder.

Invest in corrosive chemical storage from American Hazmat Rentals. Our units provide a controlled environment that safeguards personnel, the environment, and your assets. Contact us today to select your container size, type, and fire rating.