Hazmat drums, also known as chemical drums, are specialized containers for storing, transporting, and disposing of hazardous materials. Hazmat drum storage buildings provide a secure and compliant environment for containing these containers to minimize leaks and spills.

Hazardous materials (hazmats) encompass many substances, from corrosive chemicals and flammable liquids to toxic compounds. In addition, hazmats may be released as liquids, solids, and gases. Hazardous waste drum storage requirements depend on the material’s chemical properties, federal and local regulations, and site conditions.

Hazardous drum storage needs the proper ventilation systems to maintain the space’s air quality. Ventilation protects personnel and prevents the buildup of flammable or explosive gases. Our chemical drum storage options will help you remain OSHA compliant. We offer non-fire-rated lockers and containers rated for one, two, three, or four hours of fire protection.

Use a 2-hour-fire-rated container when storing hazmat within 10 to 30 feet of assets and property lines. Use a 4-hour-fire-rated container when storing hazmat within 10 feet of assets and property lines. Consult your local fire marshal to better understand compliance regulations.

Secondary spill containment systems mitigate the impact of potential leaks and spills. A spill containment sump captures and confines hazardous liquids to prevent them from spreading or seeping into the environment. Spill containment sumps minimize the risk of contamination, environmental harm, and regulatory violations. Removable steel non-skid floor grating improves walkway safety and drainage.

We design our containers to comply with regulatory requirements. Our smart construction and high-quality materials produce the best hazardous drum storage lockers. We paint our 14-gauge corrugated steel structures on the outside with a premium white pigment that reflects 92 percent of solar heat and rays, lowering the container’s internal temperature.

Hazmat container accessories maximize your locker’s functionality. We provide walk ramps, fire-rated self-closing steel doors, biohazard spill kits, outside containment spill berms, eyewash stations, and more. These options help you protect personnel, contain spills, and meet strict compliance standards.

Keep employees, assets, and the environment safe with compliant hazmat drum storage. Shop American Hazmat Rentals’ selection of containers to improve safety and make inventory management more efficient.