Hazardous Storage Rentals

Hazardous Storage Rentals

The aim of hazmat storage rentals, either at your own site or at a remote location, is to contain any spills which might occur and to prevent fires that might result from the storage of flammable chemicals. A third scenario that is even less desirable than the other two is the possibility of an explosion occurring with stored chemicals. The risk of any or all of these unpleasant possibilities can be reduced to a great extent by using the best hazardous storage rentals approach.

Explosive Magazines 

These structures are generally constructed in the form of small buildings and can be built to comply with governmental ATF standards for containment, both for high explosives and low explosives. These types of hazmat storage and paint locker rentals can be designed for indoor usage or outdoor usage, and some can even withstand the impact of an F-5 tornado, which is a considerable force indeed. Some explosive magazines are also designed to be completely bullet-resistant, as an added safety precaution.

Fire Resistant Containment Structures 

Many hazmat storage rentals like chemical storage lockers, paint lockers, and containment facilities are built to withstand fires, recognizing the fact that there are a number of highly flammable chemicals that routinely require short or long-term storage. When a fire does break out, these structures are designed to contain the fire for between two and four hours, depending on the design features built into the structure.

The point in having fire-resistant containers for your hazardous storage rentals is so the fire cannot spread to nearby buildings. A structure rated at two hours of fire resistance, for example, should be placed between 10 and 30 feet from an existing structure, while a four-hour fire-resistant structure can be placed within 10 feet, or even inside the existing structure.

Hazardous Chemical Spills 

When considering the optimal hazardous and paint storage rentals strategy for specific chemicals, you should be thinking about more than fires. There’s also a possibility that a spill can take place, and that could cause almost as much damage as a fire or an explosion. To reduce the danger of this happening, some containment structures are equipped with false floors, so that any minor spill or leak can fall through to the base flooring, which is designed to handle it. That ensures that the containers holding the chemicals are not sitting in acid for instance, which can eat away at the exterior of the container and cause more problems.

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