Non-Fire-Rated Storage Double End Door Container

AH Non-Fire-Rated Double End Door Container

AHR’s hazmat non-fire-rated storage double end door containers offer the following features:

  • Double set end doors (gives you more storage space)
  • 20′ long x 8′ wide x 8.5′ tall ISO container
  • Drum Capacity: 28
  • Floor sump capacity: 617.41 gallons
  • Wind Force Rating: 150mph
  • Pryo Chem Monarch PCI-35ABC Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System meets or exceeds NFPA Code 17, 17A, and 30 Specifications
  • Canarm Explosion-Proof Enclosed Exhaust Fan – 12in giving 1,640 CFM (More than two times that of industry standards)
  • Built-in Security 6″ deep steel floor sump for spill containment
  • 14 gauge corrugated steel
  • Foldable Steel non-skid Floor Grating Provides Full Access to Secondary Containment
  • Interior Explosion Proof Lighting
  • Static Grounding system
  • 4 top and 4 bottom crane pad eyes
  • Forklift pockets
  • Premium, high-solids formula with acrylic polymers, resins, fillers and titanium dioxide pigments white outside paint coating that Reflects 92% of solar heat and rays for a cooler inside temp.
  • 110V, Single-Phase 20-amps or 220V, Single-Phase 50-amp Electrical Supply

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As Inventory Changes, So Can Your Cost of Storing…

You may need more storage in the beginning and less later on. American Hazmat Locker gives you the flexibility you need without wasting space or outgrowing your space.

You eliminate the costs and time associated with trying to sell or dispose of an old or unused hazmat storage building. When you’re done with your container, just call us and send it back.

AHR will cover All routine maintenance, inspections, and certifications required to keep our Hazmat Locker up-to-date on regulations if located within 200 miles of one of our facilities.

Even though the non-fire rated storage double end door containers are built to be operated with very little maintenance throughout their lifespan, the fire suppression system is required to be inspected and maintained on a semi-annual basis. If our customers are within 200 miles of one of our facilities, we will send a Certified AHR employee out to perform the inspection. if our customers are located outside of our County will contract out the inspection to an authorized pyro chem technician.

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