All flammable storage lockers will be pre-tripped by our certified technicians prior to start of a new rental. Our pre-tripped inspection includes inspection of each dry chemical fire suppression system which entails a certified dry chemical extinguishing performing a full AES 21 inspection, testing and maintenance on the entire system. Inspection of containers structural support, inspection of inside grading, floor sump and shelving and inspection of the electrical system. All the equipment will be in 100% working order, and any damage to the container which will not interfere with the performance will be noted and put to the attention of the customer upon delivery. A detailed report including pictures will be provided to the customer prior to the Hazmat container leaving A.H.R Facility to be delivered to our customers.

American Hazmat rentals will provide a transportation quote but customer has the option of going with a third party business to transport the unit. Customer will pay for and coordinate the unloading of the Hazmat container from semi-trailer by either forklift or crane and placing the container in the desired location for the rental period. Once the container has been place in its desired location it must stay in that location for the entire rental period due to local codes and weight.

Once the container is in place a local certified fire suppression technician will need to be dispatched to your location to inspect and energized the fire suppression system for operation. Depending on location this will either be in an AHR employee or a contracted certified technician by pyro-chem. This will be an additional charge that can either be charged through American Hazmat Rentals or through your own company, but is mandatory for the proper operation of your Hazmat storage container.

Reservations for rental items can be placed by email or by telephone. Our staff can assist you with your quote and completing your reservation. Quotes do not guarantee availability of rental equipment. A reservation should be made 2-12 weeks in advance prior to start of rental period depending on availability of rental items or special order requests.

All Hazmat rental are cleaned. American Hazmat Rentals have removable visqueen (Plastic Sheeting) under floor grating in the sump area for easy cleanup. DOT laws require all Hazmat Lockers to be clean and free of debris and all liquid’s for transportation.