What To Look For in a Chemical Storage Company

Chemical storage containers preserve chemical products, protect people’s health, safeguard the environment, and help companies comply with federal and local laws and regulations. Companies must construct their chemical storage units to exact standards to help prevent spills, contamination, and toxic exposure.

Partner with a reliable storage container provider if you work with hazardous materials, chemicals, or flammable substances. Discover what to look for in a chemical storage company to find the right provider.


Chemical storage units are lockers or small buildings that meet strict federal and local regulations and guidelines. These regulations mitigate risks associated with chemical storage, including leaks, spills, and fire hazards.

Your business is legally obligated to store chemicals in a manner that minimizes risk. Reputable chemical storage companies in the US meet regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Fire-rated containers must meet standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Failure to adhere to these regulations can have catastrophic consequences for workers’ health and the environment. Noncompliant businesses may also experience legal liabilities, fines, and shutdowns. For example, incorrectly storing paints can incur penalties of up to $250,000 per day per violation.

Avoid Common Compliance Problems

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inspects chemical warehouses. One of the most common compliance concerns is businesses storing flammable chemicals in inappropriate structures.

Another common concern is storing incompatible chemicals too close together. Compliant outdoor storage units will help your business avoid these pitfalls.

Chemical Storage Applications

A company that offers a range of container options may more easily cater to your current and future storage needs. Providers outfit their containers with unique features for different applications.

Your materials’ properties dictate the safety features you require. Additional accessories can make storage and handling easier.

American Hazmat Rentals tailors storage solutions for the following risks:


Hazardous materials (hazmat) pose a risk to the health and safety of people, property, and the environment. Possible side effects of exposure to dangerous substances include poisoning, chemical burns, and nervous system disorders.

Manufacturers construct hazmat lockers from non-combustible materials, such as steel. A sump containment system at the bottom of the locker collects spills for reliable containment and easy cleanup. The unit’s ventilation system reduces the risk of fume buildup and asphyxiation.

Corrosive Chemicals

Corrosive chemicals damage living tissues and other substances on contact. They often emit harmful gases, so the storage unit must contain a passive or mechanical ventilation system to optimize airflow.

Outdoor chemical storage containers require weighted floors to prevent wind from toppling the structure. Lockers may be explosion-proof to contain explosions and minimize the impact on their surroundings.


Flammables and combustibles typically require a 2- or 4-hour rated container. Manufacturers construct fire-rated outdoor storage units with non-combustible materials.

The units include explosion-proof features, such as exhaust fans and interior lighting. To extinguish the fire, a dry chemical fire suppression system deploys dry chemical powder, like sodium bicarbonate and mono-ammonium phosphate.

Storage Building Configurations and Features

You need a storage building that’s safe, secure, and facilitates efficient operations. Be sure to browse the company’s unit inventory and customization options.

Unit Layouts

The unit’s layout determines its functionality. American Hazmat Rentals offers the following configurations to facilitate organized storage and easy handling access.

Single-End Door

The single-door unit has a door at one end of the building. The containers can be 10 feet or 20 feet long and fire-rated.

Double-End Door

The double-door shipping container for hazmat storage has doors on both ends to facilitate first-in, first-out inventory upkeep. The design is best for companies that rotate stock regularly.


American Hazmat Rentals offers an open-side unit to maximize ease of access. The four large doors on the container’s side hinge on each other so you can completely open one side.

This configuration makes loading large and heavy items by forklift easier and safer. You can even access five pallets at once.

Container Accessories

Look for a chemical storage company with a comprehensive organization and safety approach. A company that provides various accessories makes it more convenient for you to customize your locker for your needs.

The following accessories can improve your container’s functionality:

These accessories and others enhance regulatory compliance and inventory management. For example, a fire barrier pathway creates a route for cables through fire-rated walls and floors. Secondary containment berms meet stricter compliance requirements.

Company Experience and Reliability

An experienced company makes storage containers that businesses can trust. Over time, companies gain valuable industrial experience that improves their manufacturing processes. They also gain insight into what their clients, such as your business, need from their chemical lockers.

Experience signals a proven track record. Look for online testimonials or ask the provider directly about companies and organizations they’ve worked with in the past. The more clients they’ve successfully partnered with, the more likely you will be satisfied with their services and products.

Communication and Support

Effective communication is essential for any business relationship but becomes even more important for high-stakes chemical storage. The company should be transparent about its processes, pricing, and terms.

The company should discuss your business’s special requirements and outline how they can meet them. They can address your concerns and guide you to applicable resources, such as your local fire and hazmat codes.

The storage company shouldn’t just communicate with you when you place your order. They should share exact delivery dates and maintenance requirements, too. A customer-focused company may also send additional communications, such as a reminder to schedule a fire inspection.

Manufacturing and Delivery Flexibility

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t ensure secure chemical storage. Your provider’s manufacturing flexibility allows them to customize their products according to your business’s needs. Factors like the types of chemicals you use, storage capacity, and layout of your worksite can affect your requirements.

If you need your container quickly, the provider’s production line and delivery capabilities matter even more than usual. The storage company may have a wider range of containers ready to go, or they could customize with additional features as needed.

You can receive your storage container sooner if the company has specialized equipment for transporting and installing the container on your worksite. Talk to the company about your timeline to see what deadlines they can meet.

The best chemical storage provider creates compliant containers for your application. They offer container layouts and accessories that facilitate safe and efficient storage and handling.

In addition to considering the company’s products, look at the company itself. A dependable provider has ample industry experience, communicates clearly, and offers flexibility. Considering the company’s products and processes will help you find a business you can rely on.

What To Look For in a Chemical Storage Company

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